Drinking Water Filters

Drinking water filters are needed to every house, office, work space and industrial facility. Therefore we offer the best drinking water filters in the Cyprus market.

Cyprus mains water supply is quite good on its own but needs little bit of treatment by every house with a water filter.

Installing a water purifier, offers unlimited benefits to you and your family. You can enjoy the benefits of fresh, clean, healthy and safe to drink pure water directly from your tap. A water purifier can make a big difference in the water you drink and use daily. It can actively reduce water contaminants or imbalances in the water such as sediment, chlorine and bacteria.

At our shop, you can find a wide range of water purifiers from 1-stage filtration up to 5-stage filtration systems. We offer also reverse osmosis systems for a more advance water treatment.

We offer a wide range of water filters for different applications according to your needs. In our catalog you can find any water filter you may need for domestic, industrial or commercial use.

At our shop you can find different sediment water filters, carbon water filters, ultra filtration, reverse osmosis systems and many more. You can find from simple housings to combined cartridge housings for many different applications, or even custom made water filters to suit your needs.

Our professional experience since 1998, established us among the leaders of water treatment in Cyprus.

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