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Certified water treatment company in Cyprus with certified water treatment products. We offer the highest quality of water filters in Cyprus, Reverse Osmosis, water softeners, UV lamps and Ultra Filtration .


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We offer the highest quality of water treatment products and services in Cyprus

MTV Water Services is one of the leading water treatment companies in Cyprus. We provide a wide range of water treatment products and services such as water filters and water softeners. Water filtration is what we have been doing for the last 35 years in Cyprus.

Mains water in Cyprus contains contaminants and chemicals that need to be removed. As a result, we offer many different water treatment solutions.

Drinking water filters in Cyprus can be installed under the sink or on top of the counter of your kitchen. Drinking water filters remove the chlorine, taste, and odor of the Cyprus mains water. As a result, you enjoy fresh tasty, and healthy water directly from your house tap.

Mains water filters can remove all the sediments and even help to protect your house from scale build-up. Filtering the mains water results in a clean piping system, and all the devices that use water will be working without sediment destruction. Mains water quality is very good in Cyprus but needs water filtration and water purification to be ideal for your house.

Water softeners can treat the hard water coming from your water supply and soften it. Water softeners are essential for every single house in Cyprus. Protect your plumbing system from the scale build-up and finally blocking. Softeners are essential to have the best water for your house in Cyprus.

Reverse osmosis systems are used widely in Cyprus to provide you the best water quality directly to your house tap. RO systems remove the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) that are present in high levels in the water supply in Cyprus. Using an RO system will protect your kidneys from limescale-stones build-up and many more things. Reverse Osmosis systems are the ideal water filtration system to use in Cyprus for drinking water purposes.

There are areas in Cyprus where there is no mains water supply and they totally rely on wells water. As a result, ultraviolet systems and chlorine dosing pumps are essential to monitor the quality of the water and make sure there are no bacteria in this water.

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