Water Softeners

Why install a water softener in Cyprus?
Water Softeners are essential for every house in Cyprus. Every single year we face too many problems caused by hard water:
– Increased energy costs for heating, repairs and maintenance of the engine rooms and of the pipelines of the house

– Our skin, hair and clothing do not really clean and we have higher consumption of detergents and cleaners. We get too much Skin Irritation and allergies

Limestone deposits in bathtubs and showers, sinks and taps, creating unsightly stains and big amounts of “stone” build up.

Limescale build up in your pipework, can cause negative impacts such as to, block pipes, boilers and water heaters, reducing the efficiency and increasing the energy costs. Also the maintenance of the scale can cause early damage on the operation of facilities.

Yet that’s not all: hard water causes calcium and gypsum to deposit on skin and clothing, therefore prevents washing. Also, besides provoking the risk of irritation, hard water requires the use of a greater quantity of detergents and cleaners.

The benefits of using a water softener:
The use of water softeners, helps to avoid the following problems, with obvious advantages:

– Save up to 25% on energy costs

– Reduction of costs for repairs and maintenance

– No stain scale on faucets, pots, showers, etc.

– Stop the calcification of pipes and household appliances

– Up to 50% less consumption of shampoos, detergents and cleaners

– Better cleaning and feeling of well-being for children and adults

– Long life of clothing and improved hygiene

– Prevention of proliferation of bacteria, therefore clean pipes

– Amortization of the cost in two – four years

Buy now your water softener!!!

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