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MTV Water Services Ltd, is a well established mechanical engineering company in Cyprus since 1998. The company's main targets were to provide the Cyprus water treatment market with the highest quality of water treatment products and services at the most competitive prices in the water treatment business.

Our after sales support team and the superior level of service and maintenance we provide, were some of the main reasons that made our company to be loved by our loyal customers for all those years. Our dedication to development of new and effective systems in order to meet your needs for pure clean water made us the company we are today and is growing daily. One year after, the company's registration, we expanded doing plumbing work, after our customers asked it from us. Central heating with oil and gas fire boilers was the next step for us.

In 2002, we started importing by our own, word branded and world known products like, American and Italian water filters, booster pumps, reverse osmosis, ultra violet lamp systems, food disposers and many more smart products.

Three years later, after the oil crisis took place, the need of the market for renewable energy products was obvious. It was the best time for us to take the risk of moving a step ahead our competitors and import the first geothermal and air to water heat pumps to Cyprus from the Swedish manufacturer THERMIA. We offered the complete package for a complete geothermal and air to water solution for every single house and industry.

From that period of time and still today, we are experiencing an amazing business growth and success, hence our technical experience have reached a very high level after all those installations through the years. We are still learning daily and improving our selves by continuous training and experience through our projects. That was one of the reasons. that made us more responsible towards our customers demands, and prove that, using heat pumps is the best solution for heating, cooling and hot water production for all buildings and customers. Our customers can experience the maximum economy possible against any other solution and can fill proud of their green houses.

We distribute and work close with the best factories in America and Italy on water treatment products in order to offer you the best water treatment experience and keep our legacy of all those years. We do not compromise the quality of our work for cheaper prices.

The company is a member of the Cyprus renewable energy association, and the Cyprus mechanical installation association, it can be trusted for any kind of solution and installation.

Our future vision is to be always one step in front of our competitors and always next to our customers in order to provide them the best services and solutions.

After sales support and the superior level of service were some of the reasons made our company be loved by our customers.

Our dedication for development of new and effective systems in order to meet your needs for pure clean water made us the company we are.


Water Softeners

Since 1998 we have installed thousands of water softeners all over Cyprus. We offer a wide range of domestic, commercial and industrial water softeners appropriate for every solution. Hard water? That's not a problem for us at all!!!.

Water Filters

We offer a wide variety of water filters appropriate for different uses. We offer mains water filters, drinking water filters under the counter or counter top, reverse osmosis systems, water conditioners, self cleaning water filters and generally any kind of filter that might be needed for water treatment in Cyprus. Our wide variety of filters contains domestic, industrial and commercial water filters.


Our installations team is parted from professional plumbers with years of professional experience in the field, and mechanical engineers for the best design of your system. The combination of professional design and build of the systems is essential for the good working order of your premises.

Water Dispensers

The wide range of water dispensers we offer can guarantee that you will find the ideal water dispenser you are looking for your house, office, work space, factory or even for your happening. We offer many different kind of water dispensers such as floor standing and counter top water dispensers. We have hot/cold/ambient water dispensers or even soda and juice dispensers.

MTV Water Services, offers water solutions where ever you are based in Cyprus. We sell and provide professional maintenance to our systems in Pafos, Limassol, Nicosia, Larnaka, and Famagusta.

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