If you are planning to build a new house renovate your existing one, or generally need a qualified company to redesign the plumbings of your house and make the installation, here we are!!!

We can draw the plumbing work to be done on your house drawings, sit together to design a trouble free system to suit your needs at the most competitive prices in the market but still with the most superior level of service and best quality of materials.

We can do plumbing maintenance for your building, install your sanitary house accessories, install the central heating and cooling, install your water filters or even maintain them every year in order to have everything working and prevent possible failures because of bad maintenance.

We can provide plumbing work and in combination with our products we can guarantee the best products in the market at the best installation price and quality.

Our plumping team is parted from well-trained plumbers and technicians that are constantly trained in order to provide you with the best result of what you are paying. All of our plumbers are certified and will not make experiments in your house.


We can offer to already existing customers and also to new customers the best quality of service regarding to water treatment, plumbing, heating and cooling.

Water treatment is one of the three main categories where we are specialized and focused on. Our experience of over 25 years on water treatment, allows us to offer the best quality of service at the most competitive prices. We can offer annual service for drinking water filters, water softeners, chlorination systems, anti scale machines and plenty of other equipment. We have our own annual schedule where we can remind our customers when one of their products needs to be serviced. This way we make sure that the systems are well maintained according to the most strict hygiene laws, by well trained and experienced staff.

Water can give life, joy and fun. The same time if a water system is not well maintained it can cause health problems and in the worse form it can remove a human life. Our staff is well trained for plumping maintenance and well educated regarding the water dangers and the ways to eliminate them. Our staff gets regular education regarding legionnaire’s disease bacteria and lot of others so during the maintenance they can take measurements for prevention of these water diseases. We can offer plumbing maintenance for new and existing houses and buildings.

Heating and cooling maintenance is the third main area of interest of our company as we can provide maintenance to central heating systems like oil fire, gas fire, electric and heat pumps. Annually we can visit your place, service your system by professionals and make sure that your system is well balanced, vended there is equal circulation all over the house. The same can be done to cooling systems as we can service them, make sure the fan coils are cleaned and eliminated from any bacteria.

Our maintenance service is been done by professional and well trained technicians in order to provide you the best service at the most competitive prices.

Is better to prevent things than waiting things to happen, as it costs money and possible damages may occur.




salt delivery

    10 reasons to use our salt delivery services

  1. Provides the convenience of regularly-scheduled salt deliveries.
  2. Eliminates the work of lugging and lifting heavy salt bags.
  3. Saves you the time and hassle of buying salt.
  4. Ensures that your system has the right grade and type of salt.
  5. The quality and the purity of salt is very important to your water softener.
  6. Suitable for all water softener brands.
  7. Ensures your water softener unit working properly.
  8. Includes an operation check on every visit.
  9. With the good performance of your water softener, you extent the life of your plumbing’s and equipment.
  10. Less cost for the owner.

Our delivery team can deliver within 2 working days in Limassol area and within 5 working days all over Cyprus.