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Category:Water Filter Housings

The Ydronet dosers (STD. color: orange) are equipped with down flow valve, to avoid pressure impulses (hammer impulses) and with an exclusive dosers system with a powder cartridge to be replaced when it run short (40/50 m3).
Capacity: 3,2 m3/h


Filter Housings 10

Category:Water Filter Housings

The multi-purpose Easy Duplex clear filter housing is 10" long and can hold two filters. This model is a three piece filter housing that consists of the gasket, locking ring and clear housing bottle for better observation of the filter


Scale Blaster

Category:Water Filter Housings

The NOGA SCALE BLASTER is a two-stage filtration unit that treats all the household's water, eliminates the impurities and reduces the buildup of scale. 


inches Water Filter Housing

Category:Water Filter Housings

The Pentek 20" Big Blue 1" Filter Housing features 1 inch NPT and pressure release button. It is ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial filtration where high-flow rates are required. Made of durable Polypropylene.
The red pressure-relief button on the cap makes filter changes easier by releasing any pressure inside the housing.


Noga Filter Housing With Siliphos Crystals

Category:Water Filter Housings

This is a Noga 10 inches long water filter housing with 3/4" coper threads. Additionally a 10" siliphos crystals container comes with it to avoid scale build up on the plumbing pipes.


Water Filter Housing

Category:Water Filter Housings

The multi-purpose 10'' filter housing, available with a clear or opaque bottle. The housings that are available in 3/4" and 1" threat sizes, are also available with opaque bottles/housing.


Washing Machine Scale Inhibitor

Category:Water Filter Housings

Save money and increase the life time of your washing machine / dishwasher / coffee machine.  Dosela is an inexpensive but powerful product.  With a plastic vessel, plastic head and special quartz filter inside. Our dosimeters are complete with a recharge of polyphosphate in crystal.

Noga 5 Stage Water Filter

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