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 MTV Water Services StoreMTV Water Services Ltd, was established in 1998 with the target to provide Cyprus market with the highest quality on water treatment products at the most competitive prices. 

After sales support and the superior level of service were some of the reasons made our company be loved by our customers. 

Our dedication for development of new and effective systems in order to meet your needs for pure clean water made us the company we are.
One year later, the company expanded to the plumbings, after our customers asked it from us. Central heating with oil and gas fire boilers was the next step.
In 2002, we started importing our own products like, water filters from NOGA, booster pumps from Calpeda, and food disposers from WasteMaid and a few more smart products from Good Water Warehouse.
Three years later, after the oil crisis that took place, the need of the market for renewable energy products was obvious.

It was the best time to take the risk of moving a step forward our competitors and import the first geothermal and air to water heat pump systems from THERMIA.
From that period of time, we have an amazing business growing as our technical experiences have reached a very high level after of plenty installations and we are all the time improving our selves by earning new experiences throughout our projects. 

That was one of the reasons made us more responsible towards our customers demands, and prove that, using geothermal energy is the best solution for heating, cooling and hot water production for all buildings and customers. 

Our customers can experience the maximum economy possible against any other solution and can fill proud of their green houses.
As the company is a member of the Cyprus renewable energy association, and the Cyprus mechanical installation association, it can be trusted for any kind of solution and installation.
Our future vision is to be always one step in front and always next to our customers in order to provide them better services and solutions.

Ground loops from MuoviTech completed the package of a complete geothermal solution for every single house and industry.

After a number of tests and experiments a special mixture of bentonite was also imported and improved the conductivity of our boreholes. 

The package was perfect.

Noga 5 Stage Water Filter

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About Us

MTV Water Services Ltd is one of the leading water treatment companies in Cyprus. Our 25 years of experience in combination with our superior level of service and the highest quality of products we offer, have established the company to be one if the leading water treatment companies in the island if not the leader.
The company offers a wide range of products and services such as mechanical installations, renewable energy solution, fuel saving consulting, car gas conversions and many many more...  

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