Energy Saving Consulting

In order to achieve energy saving which directly connected with money saving, we need to focus on the following parameters:

Minimize Energy Consumption - Wastes - Losses

Most of the people usually fall in the trap of installing expensive energy production systems such as massive Photovoltaic units, generators or even wind turbines. That is a very common mistake that happens clearly because of lack of energy education.

PV systems and wind turbines are under the umbrella of renewable energy sources and is a very good solution for every residence or industry, but on their own, they can only produce an amount of energy which comes totally free but if the wastes of energy are not eliminated, the effect on the electric bill will be notable but not minimized. In order to achieve the maximum energy saving, we have to minimize the energy needs of the building but still keep it in a proper functional condition. Heating and cooling needs in Cyprus are very demanding because of the prolonged summer period and during this period temperatures car reach sometimes up to 45 degrees Celsius. If a building is not well thermal insulated the temperatures inside the building will not defer a lot with the outside temperature. A thermal insulated house does not allow the cooling produced from the air-conditioning units to escape and that is only one small example. 

Maximize Equipment Performance

Equipment usually consumes much more energy with the years pass than when they were new. That is a simple effect of performance drop because of many reasons. There are many ways where you can increase the performance of your existing equipment if you do not want to replace it with a modern energy saving device. Most of the times equipment cannot reach it's maximum performance because of wrong installation, improper use or even wrong placement. As it was explained above, a non thermal insulated building at very high outside temperatures cannot keep the work done from the air conditioning units. Also at those temperatures the majority of air conditioning unit does not perform well since a high outside air temperature leads to a major decrease at the power of the air conditioning units. In this cases Cyprus weather conditions are ideal for the geothermal installations where heating and cooling performance (COP & EER) are constant and they are not affected by those extreme weather phenomena.

Efficient Energy Production Units

As air conditioning units lose their power as temperatures raises up that phenomenon is happening exactly the same way also to the PV panels and specially in Cyprus where the summer temperatures are so high, only a very good selection of high quality energy production units can really save you money. The best way to save money on your cooling and heating demands specially in the summer are the geothermal cooling systems in combination with fun coils work. Generally heat pumps are the best way to go but all those will be explained by our energy consulting team.

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