Level Control System
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The Water Level Control System Indicates and stops the HHO gas production when the Water Level gets low in the Dry Cell Tank.

How does the Water Level Control System Works?
In the water tank we will install a water level switch that will send an electric signal

whenever the water drops below a certain level. This electric signal will be connected to an alarm indicator light and to a 5 pin relay that will stop the H2 system from working. Please check the illustrative diagrams above for more information.

The indicator light can be installed in the Interior of your vehicle allowing you to see immediately when the water Level gets Low. Now you don’t have to stop at all the times to check the water level in your hydrogen generator.
The amperage in the H2 Generator system will remain stable and with a small variation of value.
Water level switch Specifications
The water level switch can be used in any type of hydrogen generator reservoir and also be used with in any type of electrolyte and temperature.
- Material: PP
- Max Contact rating: 10W
- Max Switching voltage: 100V DC
- Max Switching current: 0.5A
- Max Breakdown voltage: 220V DC
- Max Carry current: 1.0A
- Max Contact resistance: 100 mΩ
- Temperature rating: -20 to +85ºC.
Parts List of the System
This kit comes complete with all accessories required for the installation:
- Water level switch;
- Red indicator light;
- Control Relay 30A-12V DC - 5 pins;
- Electrical cable HO7V K, 2 mm section, in black;
- Insulated Terminals and acessories for all electrical connections;
- Installation Manual in English (E-book for download).

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