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Author: Daniel
- ha oui mais la photo est a l\'envers, la ! et notre portrait est soenuvt tres different en image inversee droite-gauche. Un petit flip de l\'image pour retrouver ton fils ?

Author: Elahe
Thanks. All but the short piece of garden hose is drniking water safe. But the water inside the on board tanks I? dont drink anyway. Tastes like plastic, which I am sure is bad for you. I will be using a separate system for drniking water.

Author: Abhijit
This oil is coming from the earth. As I unsandterd it, they cant stop it unless they plug it. The oil isnt being pulled from the earth, its under pressure from the earth.References : Was this answer helpful?

Author: Emily
This is a most useful coribinutton to the debate

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